Rolling Pin

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Key features & Benefits

• The Adjustable Rolling Pin has a large rolling surface of 33.2cm allowing you to roll small or large amounts of dough.

• The rolling pin is lightweight, yet still very sturdy. It will not bend while in use.

• Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the rolling pin is hygienic.

• The Adjustable Rolling Pin offers an option to fill the base of the pin. Depending on the type of dough, just adapt the temperature of the filling water for best results: – Fill with warm tap water (not boiling!): improves the results with dough containing yeast. – Fill with water at room temperature: acts as a weight and eases rolling. – Fill with iced water: keeps the fat chilled for best pastry results.

• The total capacity of the rolling pin body is 1.4l. However for iced water, the capacity is limited to 1.2L as it expands in the freezer. This is indicated by a pictogram on the product.

• 2 handles are located on the body for an easy rolling experience. If you prefer, the large working surface allows you to use your hands directly on the working surface.

• The removable handles are identical and can be clipped interchangeably on each end. Tupperware Adjustable Rolling Pin 50 x 8.7 cm You can roll your dough/pastry at any thickness you need Hot or cold water can be put in the Rolling Pin, to help roll out your dough/pastry easier White with Blue Handles Dishwasher safe Dimensions: 50 x 8.7 cm.


Rolling Pin
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