Double Plate

3.240 OMR
Tupperware's original products are eco-friendly, Made with the highest quality materials, ensuring great performance and elegant style.

Colorful and virtually unbreakable! Both are durable and practical for everyday use and great at summer dinner parties, picnics, campouts, children's parties at home or for any occasion! Reusable, compact and nestable, they store easily in your cupboard. And they're so lightweight, you'll hardly even notice them in your picnic basket.

Features &Benefits

1. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

2. A variety of sizes for all your serving and storage needs.

3. All together, the bowls, seals and Double Plates are very space-saving when not in use as they can all be nested perfectly.

4. The Double Plate serves a dual purpose: as serving plates and as a seal to take a plate on the go.

5. The raised double plate seal allows extra room for toppings or garnishes, so food doesn’t get squished.


Double Plate
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