Microwave Container Set (390,560,775ml)

13.050 OMR
Tupperware's original products are eco-friendly, Made with the highest quality materials, ensuring great performance and elegant style.

Store, Serve & Go Large Bowl Set offers the solution to store, transport, reheat and serve in the same container.
Aare perfect for individual or family servings of any of your favorite foods, from rice, pasta, chicken breasts, vegetables, casseroles, fish, cooked fruits, desserts to any kind of liquid dishes.

•Great for lunch, at school, at the gym or at the office; you can have your favorite meal with you in a container that protects your food and your bag.
•Family meals - save time by preserving, reheating and serving in the same container.
•Hot food for latecomers - for anyone arriving home late from school or work, a prepared meal can be waiting for them in the refrigerator, ready to reheat and enjoy.
•Late night snacks - some quick snacks for a late evening snack after a pleasant evening out.

Store, Serve & Go Medium Bowl Set

Microwave Container Set (390,560,775ml)
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