Eco+ Coffee To Go Cup 490ml

4.090 OMR
Tupperware's original products are eco-friendly, Made with the highest quality materials, ensuring great performance and elegant style.

The disposable cups from coffee shops are trendy, nice for pictures on Instagram, but they are also non-recyclable and are filling the garbage in the street or end up in the landfills. With me things are better! I am trendy, I’m absolutely Instagramable, reusable and I can even get you a small discount in some coffee shops if you bring me instead of choosing a disposable cup! Two sizes of our Coffee To Go Cup are now available for even more coffee moments! You can chose between a big coffee of 16 oz/ 490ml or a smaller one in a 12 oz/ 350ml cup.


Tab on the seal The cover was designed with a big tab for easy open. 1 6 oz / 490 ml Perfect sizes to take on the go, and fits in most car cup holders.

Venting hole The venting hole allows for an easy flow of the drinks through the drinking spout, and avoids a glugging effect.

Silicone plug Closes the drinking spout to make it spill proof and to allow taking the cup on the go.

Sleeve Ergonomic shape and allow to grab the cup safely and protect the hand against heat. The sleeve is also printable. Printable tumbler The tumbler is printable in Off-set and IML to offer many artwork and promotional opportunities.


Eco+ Coffee To Go Cup 490ml
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