Freezer Storage 1L

3.110 OMR
Tupperware's original products are eco-friendly, Made with the highest quality materials, ensuring great performance and elegant style.

Keep all of your frozen foods fresh, organized and easy to prepare in our classic Freezer Mates line. They help your freezer—and you— work more efficiently. So you can save time and energy and have more fun preparing your favorite meals and snacks now...and enjoying them later.

Product Features 

The Freezer Mates have a Class II seal.

Sealing locks in the freshness and flavors of your favorite foods and keeps odors from escaping and contaminating other foods in your freezer.

They are specially designed to protect your foods from the dry air in the freezer that may dehydrate them. You’ll be sure to preserve your food in the best conditions!

A sturdy tab on one corner makes them easy to apply and remove from the base. 

Seals are made from a flexible material (LDPE) that makes them easy to apply and remove.

This is convenient and will make your kitchen duties easier when handling your Freezer Mates with frozen food!

The Freezer Mates will not stick to each other during the freezing process, allowing for better air flow.

Yes, using the Modular Freezer Mates it is more efficient to keep a freezer cool when it’s mostly full and you’re putting in and taking out items. Theoretically , air experiences friction, causing the air not to be as cool.

The Freezer Mates can also be used to store the frozen foods you buy at the grocery stores! ? Simply take your frozen foods out of their package and place them in the most suitable Freezer Mates. You can now easily portion frozen food bought in bulk.

You will be able to neatly organize your freezer and prevent frost around your foods!


Freezer Storage 1L
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