Cake Spatula

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Tupperware's original products are eco-friendly, Made with the highest quality materials, ensuring great performance and elegant style.
Tupperware has developed a sophisticated and modern range of kitchen tools with eye-catching features that guarantee comfort and ease while preparing meals. Generous size and length is perfect for spreading icing on large surfaces or for flipping and transporting food, Slim shape to easily lift even the smallest shapes or foods, such as almond paste for example. Its slight asymmetrical shape and flexibility make it easy to spread icing on top, but also on the sides of a cake. Fits in the KPT Hold N Rest . Use it to easily flip and serve foods such as pancakes; whether they’re still cooking in the crepe pan or ready to serve. The KPT Narrow Spatula is the ideal tool to easily spread icing, melted chocolate, jam, coulis or whipped cream on top of large cakes or in between two pieces of cake, to have real pastry chef results! ? You can also use the Narrow Spatula to even out dough; for example, when pouring dough into the Silicone Baking Form Waffles. To top your baked waffles, use the Narrow Spatula to evenly spread jam, Nutella or any other topping...  Use the Narrow Spatula to move and place delicate shapes from your countertop or pastry sheet to your cake for decorating or to create nice cookies with almond paste  Flip, manipulate and transport small, delicate cookies without damaging them. The Narrow Spatula is also the ideal tool to manipulate and help you transport cooked or baked foods such as oven fresh cookies, pastry, fish sticks, hamburgers, etc. 11114396
Cake Spatula
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