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Tupperware's original products are eco-friendly, Made with the highest quality materials, ensuring great performance and elegant style.

Tupperware has developed a sophisticated and modern range of kitchen tools with eye-catching features that guarantee comfort and ease while preparing meals.

Features All of the Kitchen Preparation Tools (except the Tongs) are manufactured using the 2C process for their handle. That combines a soft grip element with a sturdy handle to give a comfortable, ergonomic, non-slip, left or right hand grip.

This process adds a different bright color to each utensil and a new way to recognize each individual Tool while standing in the Hold n’Rest or in a drawer.

Each Tool’s shape and color is optimized for its specific use. This, in addition to the Jet Black color used for the body, minimizes the visual effect of staining that could happen with foods like tomato concentrate or curry sauces.

The Tool handles have holes so they can be hung on a rack (e.g. the Kitchen Duo Rack).

The Hold N Rest has been specially conceived to keep the Tools at your fingertips but the Tools are also slim and compact so they save space when stored in kitchen drawers.

When the Tools are stored in a drawer, the bright color assigned to each Tool handle can be used to quickly identify the Tool needed while cooking.

Suitable for use with cookware such as nonstick coated pans, uncoated pans and oven dishes.

For Ultra Plus and Ultra Pro it is recommended to use the Silicone Spatula and the KPT Beater since scraping the food inside with other Kitchen Preparation Tools may cause fine scratches.

Do not use the silicone Spatula to scrape encrusted food as it may tear the silicone material.

It is recommended not to use the Whisk with the Micro Plus, Micro Cook, Ultra Plus or Ultra Pro as the metal wires may cause scratches. In this case it is preferable to use a plastic beater such as the KPT Beater.


Serving Set(6)
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