Microwave Pressure cooker 3L

41.830 OMR
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Cook with pleasure without pressure This revolutionary product answers a growing demand for easy cooking solutions. It combines traditional pressure cooking methods with efficient microwave cooking; ensuring even heat distribution, improved food color, and fast cooking times.

What’s cool about it? Think of it as your slow cooker for the microwave, only MUCH faster! “Set & forget”: place ingredients in the base & cook in the microwave. No need to stir or check on anything while cooking! Combines microwaves with pressurized steam for faster, more efficient cooking. Improves food color retention during the cooking process. Save money by using inexpensive cuts of meat, with fabulous results. Because food is cooked faster, the Pressure Cooker also saves energy. Save time during the week: Prep meals the day before & cook in microwave later; there is no need to stir during the cooking process. Thanks to the pressure, you will now be able to cook recipes that where not possible with microwave cooking like lamb, veal, and beef stews, slow-cooked soups, certain dry beans (white beans, lentils etc.). You will spend less time in the kitchen.

What can I do with it? Great for stews, legumes, dense vegetables, and large cuts of meat. Prepare delicious goulash, lamb or veal stews, pork cheeks, borscht, fresh or frozen vegetable casseroles, and many more. Ideal for cooking food in liquid or preparing meals that require longer/hotter cooking methods. Prepare delicious risotto without having to stir all the time. Pressure cook dried legumes, one-pot meals & soups in minutes. 11134985

Microwave Pressure cooker 3L
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