Oval Dry Storage 2.3L

2.520 OMR
Tupperware's original products are eco-friendly, Made with the highest quality materials, ensuring great performance and elegant style.

When it comes to cupboard storage and organization, the Space Savers Oval have been everyone’s favorites for years! These super sized Space Saver Super Ovals are designed to utilize the full depth of the standard wall storage unit.

Features and benefits:

• the Super Ovals are the corresponding heights and widths of the regular Ovals but with the depth extended to utilize the full shelf depth of the cupboard units.

• like the regular Ovals, they stack in the minimum of space.

• with this modularity, a Super Oval will fit alongside an Oval plus a Round, or two will stack side by side on a Rectangle.

• by storing ‘vertically’ and fitting the full depth of the cupboard, the maximum use is made of storage space.

• the airtight seals are the same size for all the super oval containers. The tabs align the seal and also are a design feature.

• details about the Super Oval seals and how to use are described on the following page.

• the container fits comfortably in the hand to lift off the shelf and to serve..

• the sheer containers have the Space Saver fine frosted finish.

• with the cutaway see-through windows at each end the contents are easily recognized whichever way the container is placed on the shelf.


Oval Dry Storage 2.3L
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