Round Dry Storage 1.1L

2.300 OMR
Tupperware's original products are eco-friendly, Made with the highest quality materials, ensuring great performance and elegant style.

The round Space Savers are modular with the rest of the range, half the size of the Ovals, so they stack on top or in front of an Oval on the shelf.

Key features and benefits:*the Space Savers Rounds are modular, designed to store in the minimum of space.

*Size 1 stacked on Size 2 is the height of Size 3; 2 + 2 = 4; 4 + 1 = 5.

They stack two on an Oval, four on a Square, six on a Rectangle.*the airtight round seal is the same size for all the Space Saver Rounds. The tabs fit into the rim of the container as a design feature, matching the other Space Saver containers.

Key the tab on to one side of the container and press the seal into place as you would a classic round seal.

*the cutaway polished window shows the contents clearly and adds to the unique styling. The elegant frosted finish of this gleaming sheer material is complemented by a choice of colorful seals.

*Space Saver Rounds fit comfortably in the hand. The shape and size fit into cupboard corners and refrigerator door shelves.*the capacity and size are molded into the base of each container.


Round Dry Storage 1.1L
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